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» Testimonials: People Love InformedTrades!
At InformedTrades, we're generally more interested in learning -- it's our mission statement -- and improving ourselves rather than patting ourselves on the back. But, for those who are thinking, "is this community really worth joining?" it may be worth taking a look at what some of our members are saying:

This is by far still the best site for new traders that I have found on the web!
-- Randy2468

What you have created @ IT is unmatched in the online trading world -PERIOD- and you should be as proud as I am humbled.

The real beauty of this site is that, since you have ALWAYS put the memebers first in every decision, and since, in-and-of-itself, THAT decision-making process has fostered a culture of wanting to help one's self through helping others, the site cannot go anywhere but up in terms of memebership, value, sharing, knowledge, and pure generousity.

I've said it many times before: I would not be where I am in my own trading journey without all your help, effort, and vision... (and those you mentioned as well: simit, shoot etc.)

So, for those who are just staring their journey and are looking for their own path, the bottom line is this: if you can find one other site- just ONE- that has the knowledge, sincerity, support, AS WELL AS this level of memeber participation, I'll pony-up $100!

My one an only regret is that I wish I had found IT sooner!

Thank you a thousand times... And please know that I am not alone in my thanks...

I knew that I needed to get more information on what it is that I'm getting involved with, so I conducted a search and came across this site. I was blown away by the amount of information this site has, the vids, blogs, threads etc..etc.. my hands are tired because of how much note-taking I've been doing.
-- GxForex

I owe alot of what I have learned to IFT, and believe me I have searched the web for sites like this and have not found any better.

I am grateful for Informed trades you are a prayer answers. I found this site by accident, but God knows what He was doing. I have gained great understand about trading from this site. It is the best trading community on the web.
-- larryfolson

Thanks for the great site. I am much more informed after discovering this site than before. I continue to become more informed the more time I spend on the site. Without the help of you, dan (airelon), Simit, Tek, and other informed traders I would probably still be blowing accounts out in record time.
-- mattman

This site is more addictive than Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all put together.
-- hudsonsounds

I have enjoyed my time here and have learned so much from you all since ive been here thanks to everyone at IT for what you have done for me. Newbies have no idea the wealth of information on this site, we are all lucky to have it at our finger tips!!
-- slow to learn

I dont know how to thank Simit and Mr. David for creating this site. My trading has improved after joining this site as I keep on learning something new everyday. I used to trade even before joining Informed Trades but it has sharply changed my thinking.
-- Abhinav Asthana

And that's just a small sample -- those who have joined InformedTrades have almost invariably found it to be a worthwhile decision that has advanced their trading significantly. If you haven't already, register and participate in our community -- it's a decision you'll be glad you made!

-- Simit Patel, InformedTrades Founder

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