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Welcome to the InformedTrades community! As communities, like people, can be very diverse, I (Simit Patel, InformedTrades co-founder) wanted to take a moment to make some comments about our culture, and proper etiquette in our community.

1. The Mission Statement. Famous American writer Mark Twain has stated that humans are a religious animal. As such, the "religion" here at InformedTrades is our mission statement, which is to help traders learn.

2. Sharing Links. Links to news/educational sites are highly encouraged. However, links to commercial sites may be broken, or may be re-written using an affiliate link. Members are encouraged to link freely; the more trusted a member is, the less likely their link will be broken.

3. Debate, Not Hate. Online discussion forums thrive on disagreement and debate; that is how we all learn and improve. But not on hate! Be sure to disagree in respectful manner. Excessively rude comments may be deleted or edited.

4. Blogs and Private Messages.Please note that you'll need to post in our forums at least once before setting up a blog or using private message functionality. This policy is designed to minimize spam.

5. Know Our Terms of Service. It's the official legal stuff -- you can find it here.

6. Moderators. Global moderators -- individuals who have the ability to moderate all aspects of the site -- are identified by the global moderators badge. If your comment gets moderated in anyway, it was probably done by a moderator. However, each member has moderation control over their own blog.

7. Monetization Policy. The preferred strategy of monetization is to develop an economy centered primarily on enabling members to invest in each other. InformedTrades does reserve the right to monetize the contributions of members via affiliate links, advertising, and re-packaging information, with the intent of creating an economy in which active contributors of high quality material are rewarded.

In the end, it's pretty simple: learn, be respectful, have fun, participate. And of course, profit!

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