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» Launch Your Own Fund on InformedTrades
That's right folks, after going through InformedTrades University, hashing it out in our blogosphere and discussion forum, and earning badges by contributing to our community, there's only one thing left: launch your own fund on InformedTrades! Here's how it works:

1. Boost Your IQ Score. Having an InformedQuotient of at least 85 is required for a member to launch their own IT Prop Trading Fund. Traders can earn Badges, delivered on Badge Day, to boost their IQ.

Any member who meets the criteria can contact the Central Banker to request the Prop Trader Level I Badge -- and an initial funding from the Central Bank in the amount of 1,000 InformedPoints.

3. Traders earn 25% of all profits they generate. Profits are distributed on a monthly basis.

Are You an Investor?

Our Funds Program is how we attract traders to build our University. Invest in building a fund -- and earn potential profits as well -- by investing in our traders. Click here for a list of prop traders to invest in.

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