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» InformedQuotient: Track Your Progress
  • A score to track one's progress through InformedTrades
  • Increase your score to unlock new opportunities in our community -- like earning free prizes
  • Boost your score by earning Badges distributed each month on Badge Day
Here’s how it works:

The IQ score of members is determined by their Badges and their level of participation. Each Badge is assigned a point score, and the sum of the score attached to each of a member's Badges determines that members IQ Score. Here is a full list of our Badges.

Below is a full breakdown:

+50 for...
  • Hero Badge
  • Course Contributor Badge
  • Journal Badge
+35 for....
  • Trading Plan II Badge
+30 for....
  • Demo Contest Champion Badge
  • Global Moderator Badge
  • 3X Course Contributor Badge
  • Pioneer Badge
  • Trading Plan Badge
  • IT Prop Trader Level I Badge
  • Live Trader Badge
+10 for...
  • Video Contributor Badge
  • Lesson Contributor Badge
  • Code Contributor Badge
  • Link Scout Badge

+ 5 for....
  • Local Badge

Click here for a list of all badges and their recipients.

Boost Your IQ Score to Unlock Opportunities

Increasing your IQ Score unlocks new opportunities in our community. Such as:

IT Publishing. Earn revenue by putting ads on your InformedTrades blog. Minimum IQ Score: 65.

ITCM Trader. Launch your own fund on InformedTrades, with initial capital provided by InformedTrades Central Bank. Minimum IQ Score: 85.

IQ Leaderboard

The top ten InformedTrades members with the highest IQ scores are honored on our Front Page. Below is an extended leaderboard.

In Development

Please note that our game is continually being updated with new Badges and updates to the method of calculating the InformedQuotient. The guiding light for developing our game is our mission.

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