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Andrew's Pitchfork and Median Lines
An introduction to technical analysis using Andrew's Pitchfork and Median Lines.
Course Guide: YertleTurtle

Introduction to Various Types of Forks

A Brief Introduction to Median Lines
A Detailed Intro to Median Lines
Understanding the Role of Pivots in Median Lines
How to Construct Median Lines Using Pivot Points
Basic Rules for Median Lines

Pitchforks and Other Types of Median Lines

Anatomy of a Pitchfork
Schiff Forks
Sliding Parallels and Warning Lines: An Overview
A Closer Look at Sliding Parallel Lines
A Closer Look at Warning Lines

General Tips on Using Pitchforks

How to Determine Which Fork to Choose
The Difference Between Pitchforks and Trendlines
Use Pivot Points With Pitchforks
When to Draw a New Fork?
Using Counter-Trend Forks to Spot Key Turning Points
Use Limit Orders With Pitchforks
Pitchfork Variations and Concluding Thoughts

Yertle's Pitchfork Videos

Yertle's Price Action Primer