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Forex Mentor (Peter Bain) Crash Course in Forex Daytrading
The web site offers premium courses and mentoring services designed to help individuals learn to daytrade the world's foreign exchange (forex) markets. This crash course offers a taste of the methodology taught on their web site, pioneered by Forexmentor founder Peter Bain, complete with setups forex traders can use.

Peter Bain
Introduction to the Forexmentor Approach

The Best Timeframes for Day Trading Forex
The Profile of a Successful Forex Day Trader by Peter Bain
Bain's Golden Rule: Day Trading With the Trend

Forexmentor's Approach to Technical Analysis and Position Management

How Technical Indicators Can Ruin Your Trading -- If Used Improperly
Peter Bain's Favorite Forex Candlestick Patterns
Using Candlesticks to Find High Probability Patterns
The Art of Trendline Analysis
Trading Reversals That Offer Low Risk/High Rewards Setups
Use Indicators to Confirm Price Action
Use Multi-Timeframe Analysis to Filter Out Bad Trades
Using COT Data to Ride Trends Till They End
Where to Put Your Stops
How to Achieve Outstanding Reward/Risk When Volatility is Low

Forexmentor Trade Setups

Forexmentor Strategy for Trading the London Close
Daryl Guppy's Trade Setup Using Moving Averages
Vic Noble's Weekly Trade Commentary

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