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Stephen Bigalow's Crash Course in Candlestick Charting

Famed candlestick trader Steve Bigalow teaches what he considers to be the 14 essential candlestick formations and how traders can use them.

Stephen Bigalow

1. The Doji Signal

Bullish Engulfing Lesson

3. Bearish Engulfing

4. Hammer

5. Hanging Man

6. Piercing Pattern

7. Dark Cloud Cover

8. Bullish Harami (Inside Bar)

9. Bearish Harami (Inside Bar)

10. Morning Star

11. Evening Star

12. The Kicker Signal

13. Shooting Star

14. Inverted Hammer Signal

Additional Material

15. Webinar on Entry and Exit Strategies

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Stephen Bigalow has made video lessons that correspond to these text lessons. The videos go into much greater detail -- 12 videos running on average of over 20 minutes each -- and featuring real market examples. All 12 videos are available for a limited time for just $12.

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