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Trading Psychology

A course designed to help traders learn about one of the most important aspects of success in the financial markets: maintaining the proper psychological state of mind.

I: A Broad Overview

The Emotional Cycle of Trading
Are Traders Pre-Programmed to Fail? 6 Part Video Series
43 Video Part Series on Trading Psychology
Tek's Blog Entries on Crowd Psychology
A Review of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp

II: Fear

The Four Faces of Fear
Defeat the Four Faces of Fear With the Five Truths of Trading
Using Your Emotions Constructively When Trading
Stop Fearing Losses; Accept Them to Control Them

III: Discipline

The Discipline Cycle, Part I
The Discipline Cycle, Part II: Consistency
The Discipline Cycle, Part III: Confidence
Discipline and Money Management
Discipline and Deep Practice
Trading Burnout
IV: Mindset

Van Tharp on the Top Five Beliefs of Successful Traders
The Importance of Understanding Your Uniqueness
The Importance of Simplicity
Thinking Like the House
Gambling, Probability, and Your Edge
How You Play Your Cards is More Important Than the Hand You're Dealt
The Rational, Unspoken Approach to Daytrading Psychology
The Four Realities of Being a High Stakes, Single Stock Speculator

V: Personal Stories

Overcoming Losing Streaks
Maintaining Emotional Control When Upping Your Ante
How I Deal With My Trading Psychology
Reflections on Psychology Rules for Placing Trades
Test Your Trading Emotions
The Mentality for Long-Term Success
The Need for a System
Spirituality and Trading

VI: Other Courses With Modules on Psychology

Price Action Trading by Abhinav Asthana
Harmonics and Trading in the Zone With Eagle Eye
Trading Psychology by Inside Out Trading

Trading Psychology Archive

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