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Magic & Tek's Sentiment Course
A course introducing traders to the concept of sentiment, and how it can be used to find trade opportunities.

Introduction to Sentiment

Magic's Intro to Sentiment
The Big Guys
Candlesticks and Sentiment

Sentiment Indicators

An Introduction to Sentiment Market Indicators
Baltic Dry Index
Contrary Opinion Indicators
SWFX Sentiment Index

Market Cycles

Market Triggers
Market Fluctuations
Intermarket Analysis
Sector Rotation
Sentiment & ETFs
COT Report

An Introduction to the Futures COT Report
COT Report Overview
How to Use the COT Report
Trading Sentiment Part I
Trading Sentiment Part II

COT Report (Module II)

COT Report Supplemental #1
COT Report Supplemental #2
COT Report (Final)
Using the COT Report to Forecast FX Movements
Using the COT Report to Forecast FX Movemments Part II
Using the COT Report to Ride Trends Till They End

COT Software

COT Wizard 2.0
Forex COT Report Indicator
Sentiment and the Carry Trade

Carry Trade and the Global Outlook
Carry Trade and the Banks
Carry Trade and Sentiment in the Forex Market

Additional Resources

Archive of Conversations on the COT Report
Archive of Conversations on the Speculative Sentiment Index
Blog Discussions on SSI

Premium COT Report Analysis

COT MarketWatch by Forexmentor highlights extreme divergence readings alerting traders to where the Commercial Traders are going Net Long or Net Short in any given market -- thus making a trend reversal likely. Click here to learn more about COT MarketWatch.