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Steve Primo (Specialist Trading) Guide to Active Trading

Steve Primo, a former Pacific Stock Exchange specialist with 36+ years of active trading, reveals some of the keys to his success in the markets.

Steve Primo
Introduction to the Specialist Trading Way

Three Keys to a Successful Trading Plan

Focus on One Time Frame, Multi-Time Frame Analysis Doesn't Matter

Asking Why Price is Moving is a Bad Idea

Specialist Trading Techniques

The Simplest Candlestick Pattern to Use in Your Trading Strategy

How to Use Oscillators to Trade Breakouts With the Trend

Simple Trailing Stop Trading Strategy: The 50% Rule

Position Sizing Through Pyramiding

Putting It All Together

Donchian Channel Trading Strategy (Strategy #1)

Sample Trade and Recap of the Key Principles of the Specialist Trading Methodology

Other Great Stuff You Won't Want to Miss

Review of "Secrets of a Stock Trading Specialist"

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Steve Primo's Strategies

Through his Pro Trader Strategies web site, Steve offers a mix of premium strategies -- starting at $395 -- trading signals, free webinars, and courses covering stocks, futures, and forex from the perspective of an active trader. Click here to visit Pro Trader Strategies.