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Supply and Demand Analysis

A course to help you learn to interpret Market Mechanics to forecast market direction.

Magic, Course Guide

Module One: Introduction

Market Analytics: An Introduction
Volume Spread Analysis
Module Two: The Players

Crowd Behavior
Smart Money Defined
Module Three: Perception: Bulls vs. Bears

Smart Candlestick Patterns
Smart Indicators
Smart Chart Patterns
Module Four: The Wyckoff Method

Richard Wychoff
Wyckoff's Three Laws
Wyckoff: By the Numbers
The Market Phases
Module Five: Market Forces

Tom Williams
The Market Forces of Supply and Demand
Volume Analysis
Price Analysis
Resistance and Trends
Module Six: The Campaign: Advanced Analysis

Accumulation and Distribution: Part 1
Accumulation and Distribution: Part 2
Strength vs Weakness
Climactic Action
The Tests
Traps and Shakeouts
The Creek
News Events
Bottom Reversal: Step-by-Step

VSA Videos from the IT Community

Introduction to Supply and Demand Zones
Trading Supply/Demand Zones With Volume
Understanding Absorption Volume
Using Multiple Timeframes To Trade Supply/Demand Zones and Front Run Smart Money
Using Pitchforks With VSA
W.D. Gann's Secrets to Trading Supply/Demand Zones
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