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InformedTrades Quests

InformedTrades Quests are paths members can take through InformedTrades University to accomplish their financial goals and achieve success in the capital markets.

Quest Name Purpose
Beginner Quest Provide you with a real introduction to financial markets, what it takes to succeed, and to help you decide how you want to pursue trading, if at all. --
Budget Quest Learn to trade on a small budget ($500 - $5,000 USD)
Crisis Quest A path to help individuals learn about the current financial crisis, and how they can preserve and grow their wealth during this time. If you're a "big picture" thinker who enjoys politics and economics, this quest may be of interest to you.
Daytrader Quest A step-by-step approach for those seeking to become active day traders entering and exiting positions within the same day.

Like our University, InformedTrades Quests are a free gift meant for all who wish to learn to trade. If you'd like to support our community and our mission, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor, making a one-time donation, or buying InformedPoints and sharing them with community members who have helped you.