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Ektrader's Crash Course in Successful Trading

Ektrader primarily trades options and futures. His style is purely technical. He is an active trader, generally in and out of positions in the same day. The links below are some of Ek's best contributions to InformedTrades.

The Truth About Technical Analysis and the Markets

Technical Analysis: What Works and What Doesn't Work
How Markets Are Manipulated

Winning Trades and the Strategies Behind Them

Gap Fade: The Must Learn Trade Technique for Futures Traders
MACD Divergence: Ektrader's Most Successful Setup
More Examples of MACD Divergence
Ektrader's Signature Trade: Moving Averages on a Russell 2000 Tick Chart
The Secret to Seeing What the Big Money is Doing That Will Move the Market
Bollinger Bands and the Squeeze Setup
The Opening Gap Setup
How to Trade an Ascending Triangle
How to Trade a Breakout

Trading Volume

How to Use Options Volume as an Indicator
Using Price Action and Volume to Trade News Spikes
Using Volume in the Futures Forex Market to Trade the Spot Forex Market

Money Management

Ektrader's Trailing Stop Strategy


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Supplementary Study Guide

The Supplementary Guide to Ektrader's Crash Course contains select blog entries and comments from InformedTrades members meant to re-inforce the concepts presented in this course. Published in book format, The Guide is meant for those who wish to consume this course as a paperback book or a PDF file. The Guide is also available in PDF format to IT members with Vault Access.

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