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Tier I: These coaches have contributed a free course that has been accepted into our University, and have received a favorable review from at least one InformedTrades Badge Member.

Name Description and Badge Member Comments Free Course on InformedTrades Premium Courses Subscription Coaching Focus

Lance Beggs
Lance Beggs is one of the premium course providers most widely praised by IT Badge members. Beggs' course focuses on teaching his method of active trading, built almost entirely on technical analysis. Specifically, Beggs relies primarily on understanding support/resistance levels and candlestick patterns to determine his entry and exit strategies; he does not rely particularly much on technical indicators. Beggs offers a 60 day money back guarantee on his courses.

Lance Beggs (Your Trading Coach) Review Thread

Click Here Lance's course offers the following:
  • A 6 volume series of ebooks totalling more than 590 pages, complete with over 377 charts and diagrams
  • A 42 minute video reviewing sample trades

For a full table of contents, click here.

Price: $197

N/A Forex, e-mini S&P, day trading

Barry Burns (Top Dog Trading)
Dr. Burns has received more positive reviews from Badge members of the InformedTrades community than any other trading educator (though there have been several negative reviews as well). Burns is a 100% pure technical trader who first got into the markets at a young age via direction from his father, who also was a trader.

Top Dog Trading Review Thread | (Select Reviews)
Click Here
Burns' premium courses come with unlimited email support. He recommends new students start with his Foundations I and II course; advanced courses on highly specific subjects (i.e. Fibonacci retracements, candlestick patterns) are also offered.

Price: The Foundations Courses come with a 90 day money back guarantee and start at $297 each (or $495 for both)

Dr. Burns offers a video lesson subscription in which subscribers receive 3 videos, approximately 15-30 minutes in length, each week. The videos show Top Dog Trading strategies as they are applied to the market.

Price: $99 per month

US market indices, heavily traded stocks, commodities, futures, and forex

Steven Primo
(Specialist Trading)
Steven Primo is a day trader with 36+ years experience, including 9 years as a specialist on the now defunct Pacific Stock Exchange. Primo focuses on teaching simple, trend-following strategies that can be applied on any timeframe and to any market.

Review of Primo's Book | Interview With Steven Primo

Click Here There are three types of educational offerings Primo provides:
1. Trading Signals. Sent out nightly.
2. Strategy Courses. Small courses that teach one strategy and explain how to use it.
3. Full Courses. Cover a number of strategies, trade management approaches, and market nuances.

Signals are $99 per month; strategy courses are approximately $500; full courses are near $5,000.

N/A Forex, e-mini S&P, day trading

Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg
Boris and Kathy are fund managers and authors who also run a trading room that provides forex traders with signals and a chat room where members can interact with each other and Boris and Kathy on a daily basis. Boris and Kathy's unique approach combines technical analysis with analysis of upcoming economic news events to provide trading signals.

BK Forex Club Review Thread

BK Forex's Free Course On Their Signal Method
N/A The BK Trading Club includes:
  • 1 to 2 Intraday Flow Trades Per Day
  • 1 to 2 Positional Trades Per Week
  • 8 to 12 News Setups Per Week
  • Weekly Market Outlook Video
  • High Probability Trading eBook ($89 value) -- FREE
  • Daily Live Trading Room Sessions

Price: $199 per month, or $85 per month for FXCM clients

Forex, day trading

Peter Bain (Forexmentor)
Peter Bain is a trader, author, and trading coach with 25+ years of experience focused on helping people day trade the forex markets. Bain is the founder of Forexmentor, an organization consisting of four experienced forex traders that offer a wide variety of courses and coaching services geared towards the forex market.

Badge Member Comments About Forexmentor
Click Here
A starting point for many traders who wish to actively trade forex markets using technical analysis is Forexmentor's course entitled How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs". The Big Dogs Course provides traders with a complete education in trading with pivot points and support/resistance -- price action trading without indicators -- as well as access to experienced mentors and a large video archive of analyses of real trades.

Price: $349
Forexmentor Live is a signal and coaching service meant for day traders. Students are provided with an hour long instructional course teaching how to apply the scalping method used as well as access to a live trading room that starts at 8 AM GMT each day. In the trading room students can ask questions and trade alongside Forexmentor Live coach Ben Nathan. The trades Nathan takes are also emailed to subscribers.

Forexmentor Live Review Thread

Price: $149 per month thereafter


Mike Reed (Tradestalker)
Mike is a professional day trader with over 30 years of experience. He trades the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract, entering and exiting positions daily. Mike's approach relies heavily on analysis of support/resistance to determine when sentiment is at an extreme and the market is poised to reverse. Mike's method involves capturing small profits with a high win rate.

Tradestalker Review Thread
Click Here
Mike's course, Read the Greed, comes with a text manual and videos that provide a step-by-step education in how Mike enters, manages, and exits his trades -- as well as his pre-session preparation and his insight regarding trading psychology. Students are also provided with unlimited email support, as well as monthly webinars.

Price: $857

Mike runs a live chat room in which he will share his thoughts with traders, as well as entry and exit levels. Subscribers also receive the key support/resistance levels Mike identifies each night.

Price: $100 per month, with a discount for buying longer term subscriptions

S&P e-mini futures

Stephen Bigalow (Candlestick Forum)
Stephen Bigalow is a renowned candlestick trader, with over 30 years experience and several highly rated books on candlestick trading to his name.

Stephen Bigalow Review Thread
Click Here
Stephen's Commodities Trading Course consists of four parts:
  • Introduction to the basics of commodity trading for beginners
  • The psychology of commodities trading
  • Techniques for day trading commodities
  • One month access to Stephen's trading chat room which features his daily market analysis
Price: $197
Stephen offers a live trading room in which he shares his daily analysis, entry and exit points on markets he is watching, as well as a live chat room to interact with him and other members. Access to the live trading room also provides members with an archive of daily video analyses as well as a collection of e-books on trading.

Price: $97 USD per month
Candlestick analysis, with a bias towards commmodities

Tier II: These coaches have received at least one positive review from an InformedTrades Badge Member.

Name Description and Badge Member Comments Premium Courses Live Trading Room Focus

Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader who focuses on short selling penny stocks that have been pumped up by promoters. Tim is known for being the top trader on Covestor, and for turning $12,000 into over $1 million in under 3 years.

Tim Sykes Review Thread
Tim's "Pennystocking DVD," his introductory guide to finding high probability setups for shorting penny stocks, features six hours of online streaming video lessons.

Price: $397

Tim's Live Trading Room includes:
  • Daily Chatroom Access
  • Daily 5-10 Stock Watchlist
  • Realtime Email/SMS Trade Alerts
  • A Library of 700+ Video Lessons
  • New Lessons Added Weekly

Price: $99/month, or $49 per month for just the signals.

Short selling penny stocks

Steve Nison
Nison is heralded as the first trader to bring candlestick trading from Japan to the Western hemisphere, claiming to have dealt with original Japanese texts and translators. Nison has focused on applying candlestick analysis to the forex market for over 3 decades, and has run countless educational seminars and workshops for institutional and individual traders.

Steve Nison Discussion Thread
Steve's Profiting in Forex DVD Course provides traders with the following:
  • 2 DVDs introducing the major candlestick patterns Steve looks for
  • 1 DVD exploring how Steve combines candlesticks with other indicators across multiple timeframes
  • Unlimited email access to Steve for any of your questions
  • A "Forex Trading Lab" DVD that features 42 charts for traders to analyze -- and includes Steve's analysis as well

Price: $199

A Subscription to includes:
  • A chat room to interact with Steve and other subscribers
  • Live analysis of US market sessions of all US markets
  • An archive of video analyses that continues to be added to
  • Weekly wrap-up videos providing analysis of major currency pairs, commodities, and US stock market indices
  • A Chart Challenge Section in which charts are presented and members are encouraged to share their analysis

Price: $67 per month

Candlestick trading, forex

Tim Morge
Timothy Morge has been a professional trader, author, educator and mentor for more than 35 years. Besides trading his own capital, Tim is President of Blackthorne Capital, a private money management firm that works with several of the largest non-U.S. Institutional portfolios. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, he managed and taught other traders for institutions like Commodities Corporation, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. His approach relies heavily on median lines and market geometry.

Timothy Morge Review Thread

Tim offers a Basics of Market Geometry DVD Course that covers the following topics:
  • Introduction to the Median Line
  • Modified Schiff Lines
  • Entry Setups
  • Energy Points
  • Playing off the Orders
  • Putting it all Together
  • Framing the Trade
  • Market Structure

The DVD runs 2 hours and 29 minutes in length.

Price: $725

Premium Membership entitles you to:
  • Access to the live 60+ minute Monday, Wednesday and Friday mentoring webinars where Tim shares his analysis
  • Thousands of hours of previously recorded mentoring sessions
  • A private forum where other premium members share charts and learn together

The membership does not provide trading signals, but rather is meant as an education service to help you identify signals on your own.

Price: $99 per month

Market geometry, forex

Advanced Trading Workshop
Andy Carlsen has worked with Jerry Simmons at since 2005 to provide traders with mentorship in active day trading. Carlsen trades a number of futures contracts.

Advanced Trading Workshop Review
The Total Trader Training (TTT) Course aims to provide a comprehesive education in all the key concepts of technical analysis, and helps traders integrate this information into a single approach that can be used to identify and manage trades.

Individuals who purchase the course are also provided with access to the ATW Real-Time Trading Room where they can watch mentors place actual trades in real-time.

Price: $9,000

The ATW Real-Time Trading Room (RTTR) is run by Jerry Simmons and is designed to let traders look over his shoulder to see and learn all aspects of his preparation and trading. Jerry targets five to eight trades per day. The RTTR is open from 6:00 AM until 12:00 Noon ET Monday through Friday.

Price: Included with course for $9,000

US equity indices, crude oil, gold, euro, DAX, US treasuries

Dr. Gary Dayton
An active trader since 1999, Gary Day­ton has traded equi­ties, com­mod­ity futures, the finan­cial index e-mini futures, and options, e-mini S&P futures mar­kets, apply­ing Wyck­off method of mar­ket analy­sis. He focuses on Wyck­off analy­sis and price action, in which the tech­ni­cal aspects of the mar­ket are read with price bars and volume. Day­ton is a psy­chol­o­gist and holds a doc­tor­ate in clin­i­cal psy­chol­ogy and a cer­tifi­cate in human performance/sport psy­chol­ogy from Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity.

InformedTrades Interviews Dr. Gary Dayton
Gary Dayton's Chart Mastery Course goes into detail regarding key Wyckoffian concepts and explains precisely how traders can apply these concepts to find consistently predictable setups in the market. This is an eight week pro­gram where students meet with Dayton, via the Inter­net, for eight weekly ses­sions usu­ally last­ing between 90 and 120 min­utes per session. Students are encouraged to draw up charts and submit them to Dayton for feedback, and are provided with weekly quizzes in addition to educational videos.

Price: $1,800

Dr. Gary works with you one on one to teach you how to inte­grate the men­tal skills to your tech­ni­cal skills so that you can trade with con­fi­dence and be able to apply your tech­ni­cal skills. This is inten­sive, one-on-one work for highly moti­vated indi­vid­u­als. Per­sonal coach­ing typ­i­cally runs for three to six months with con­tact on a weekly sched­ule and email con­tact when needed. This focuses on devel­op­ing your abil­ity to think and act like a suc­cess­ful trader while at the same time, reduc­ing or elim­i­nat­ing the things that get in your way.

Price: $250 per session ($1,600 for 8 sessions)

E-Mini S&P Futures, EURUSD Futures Contract (6E)

David, the primary instructor of EminiAddict, is an active trader of the E-Mini Futures Contact and of the EURUSD Futures Contract (6E). David trades daily, and relies on a Fibonacci-based approach.

Emini Addict Review Thread
N/A The EminiAddict Trading Room provides subscribers with the following:
  • Charts as instructors perform technical analysis
  • Hear the instructors' voices as they explain explain techniques
  • Ask questions as they analyze the market and trade
  • Unlimited access 5 days a week, over 6+ hours daily.
  • Powerful educational reviews on trading concepts & techniques daily.

Price: $30 per month (7 day free trial)

E-Mini S&P Futures, EURUSD Futures Contract (6E)

Raghee Horner
Raghee Horner is a forex trader with over 20+ years experience. She has authored three books on forex trading. She is an active forex day trader.

Raghee Horner Discussion Thread
Raghee's Market Masters Program with the following:
  • 10 CDs meant to provide a comprehensive education in technical analysis
  • 3 new videos per week from Raghee on her market analysis, plus access to the archive of previous videos
  • A discussion forum to interact with Raghee and other students

Price: $4,000; contact them for special discounts

Weekly trading videos from Raghee, as well as a discussion forum, are included in her Market Masters course.

Price: Included with course for $4,000


Tier III: These coaches have been discussed on InformedTrades, have been interviewed by an IT founder, or have contributed a course to our University -- but have not received a positive review from an InformedTrades Badge Member (though may be reviewed positively by non-Badge Members on InformedTrades).

Al Brooks, FXKnight, Nial Fuller, Joel Parker, Walter Peters, Market Traders Institute

Last updated: September 15, 2015

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