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Austrian Economics
Articles and videos designed to introduce traders to Austrian economics and how it can be applied to forecast prices.

An Introduction

Economics in One Lesson (videos)
Economics in One Lesson (text)
Austrian Economics vs Mainstream Economics
Keynes vs. Hayek: Economics Rap Battle
Robert Murphy: Introductory Lecture on Austrian Economics

Sound Money (Monetary Economics)

Mark Thornton: Sound Money vs. Unsound Money
Doug French: The Origin and Nature of Money
Thorsten Finding Our Way Back to Sound Money
David Stockman: The Forgotten Cause of Sound Money
Jörg Guido Hülsmann: The Economics of Deflation

Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Introduction to the Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Roger Garrison: Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle
Thomas Woods Jr.: Economic Cycles Before the Fed
Doug French: Austrian Business Cycle Theory and the Mind of the Investor

Central Banking

Robert Murphy: The Theory of Central Banking
Lew Rockwell: How Abolishing the Fed Would Change Everything

Interest Rates

Robert Murphy: Capital and Interest
Doug French: Interest Rates and Unemployment
Jeffrey Herbener: Time Preference Theory of Interest and Its Enemies

Gold & Hyperinflation

Walter Block: Gold as Free Market Money
Myths and Realities of Returning to a Gold Standard
Timothy Terrell: Currency Failures from Argentina to Zimbabwe
When Money Dies: Niall Ferguson on Hyperinflation

Videos From the Von Mises Institute


Precious Metals Dealer Matrix

Bullion Vault: Gold and Silver Stored in Vaults

BIG GOLD: Premium Gold Market Research
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