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The Basics of Futures Trading

An introduction to futures trading for beginners.

Module I: An Introduction to Futures Trading

A Short History of the Futures Market
Hedging in the Futures Market
The Futures Contract
Futures Contract Details
How Futures are Traded Part I
How Futures are Traded Part II
Closing Trades Using the Market, Stop and Limit
Module II: How to Place Futures Trades

How to Setup Your Free Futures Demo Account
How to Add Quotes to the Platform
The E-Mini S&P Futures Contract
Futures Level II and How to Place a Market Order
How to Place a Limit Order
How to Place a Stop Order
Closing Trades with Market, Stop, and Limit Orders
How to Place a Trailing Stop
How Margin Works In Futures Trading
Futures Trading Transaction Costs
Module 3: The Logistics of Futures Trading

Futures Contract Price Components
Contango, Backwardation, and the Futures Curve
What is Basis?
Bull and Bear Spreads
Futures Volume and Open Interest
COT Report
Futures Trading Price Limits

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