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Candlestick & Price Action Course by Lance Beggs of YourTradingCoach

Learn how to spot trading opportunities based on patterns in price movement. A free course from Lance Beggs, trader and creator of YourTradingCoach.

Lance Beggs
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Module 1: An Introduction to Candlestick Analysis

An Introduction to Candlestick Analysis
Reading Sentiment of Individual Candles
Candlestick Development and Addition
The 3 Stages of a Candlestick Pattern
The Origin of Japanese Candlesticks

Module 2: Key Candlestick Chart Patterns, I

The Shooting Star
The Hanging Man
The Hammer
The Inverted Hammer
The Doji
The Harami and Harami Cross
Inside Bars

Module 3: Key Candlestick Chart Patterns, II

The Dark Cloud Cover
The Piercing Pattern
The Bearish Engulfing Pattern
The Evening Star Pattern
Bullish and Bearish Checkmates
Diamond Bottoms
Module 4: Bar Chart/Candlestick Reversal Patterns

Bearish Rejection Pattern
Bullish Rejection Pattern
Open Close Reversal
Closing Price Reversal
Hook Reversal
Key Reversal
Island Reversal
Pivot Point Reversal
Module 5: Miscellaneous Candlestick Topics

Use Shorter Time Frames to Identify Early Reversals
Heikin Ashi Candles Technical Analysis
The Simplest Candlestick Pattern by Steve Primo
A Review of the Nison Candlestick Scanner
Candlestick Flashcards

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