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Stock Market Basics 101

A beginner course meant to provide you with a sound understanding of the mechanics of placing a stock trade.

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Module 1: An Introduction to Stock Trading

What is a Stock?
Important Features of a Stock Exchange
An Introduction to the NYSE
How An Order is Executed on the NYSE
An Introduction to NASDAQ
What is an Electronic Communications Network (ECN)
How Stock Brokers Make Money

Module 2: How to Place Stock Trades

Setting up Your Stock Trading Platform
Learn to Read Stock Quotes
How to Buy and Sell Short Stocks
What is a Market Order?
How to Place a Limit Order
How to Place a Stop Order
How to Close Open Stock Trades Using Stop and Limit Orders
How to Trade Stocks Using OCO Orders
How to Protect Profits with Trailing Stops
How to Setup Charts in ThinkorSwim

Module 3: Margin and General Stock Trading Regulations

An Introduction to Margin Trading
Initial and Maintenance Margin
Buying and Selling Stocks on Margin - Live Example
The Pattern Day Trader Rule

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Forex Capital Markets (forex broker)
Apex Futures (futures broker)
ThinkOrSwim (equities and options)
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