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A Free Course From Top Dog Trading

A mini-course designed to help you learn key concepts that Dr. Barry Burns teaches and utilizes in his trading. To download Burns' premium courses and indicators, visit the Top Dog Trading web site.

Barry Burns, Top Dog Trading
Course Module 1: Understanding the Big Picture and Perspective

Taking an Objective Approach to Trading
Day Trading and Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Moving Average Indicators Help You See the Structure of the Market
Avoid Choppy Markets, Capture Trends

Course Module 2: Technical Analysis and Risk Management

An Introduction to Reading Charts
Trend Trading I: Time-Tested Techniques
Trend Trading II: How to Trend Trade Accurately
How to Trade a Breakout
Introduction to Fibonacci Retracements
How to Identify the Best Times to Enter a Position
Identifying High Profit Candlestick Patterns
How to Use Volume
Where Stop Running Happens, and How to Use it to Your Advantage
Identifying Time Intervals for Daytrading
Barry's Favorite Forex Setup

Course Module 3: Trading Psychology

"The consistency you need is in your mind, not in the market."
Overtrading is the Kiss of Death
All Successful Traders are Excellent Managers
What's More Important: Trading Method or Trading Psychology?
Successful Trading is Simply a Business of Not Making Mistakes

Course Module 4: Seasonality

Understanding Currency Market Cycles
Understanding Stock Market Cycles
Trading the Halloween Cycle
The Christmas Tehnique

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