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quo vadis, homo sapiens financialis?

Posted 07-30-2009 at 06:17 PM by jaro [Show Appreciation] What's This?
Updated 08-18-2011 at 10:09 AM by jaro (picture uploaded :-)

folks, these strange price movements make not much sense to me

there were 2 baaaad 'red ink' days in a row 4 commodity bulls, but the market (IMO toooo much USD-strength-oriented) turned in a different direction today and eliminated biggest part of recent losses again .... my portfolio is +1.89%, better than the overall stock market ...

btw, the stock-markets are sooo strange ... going few points higher, than few points down and then higher again ... isn't it like a man walking with his dog? sometimes is the dog [share price?] in front, sometimes the man [value of company's stock?], but they always go in the same direction ... (oh dear! my stupid internet & stock-exchange addicted brain cannot remember who used that phrase 1st... graham, buffett, kostolanyi? who cares? the stock prices will go their own way anyway, with or without the leash ...)

damned hell, i hope my portfolio will go up a lot in the long run!!!

what about bravo venture + vg gold? well, my recent (small) acquisitions advanced +20% today ... hmmmmm, we know there is still a strange hysteria in vg gold stock (+127% on 1 day. my dear homo sapiens financialis, how stupid are u actually?), but is strange coming up at bravo too? let's look at company's news (Bravo Venture Group Inc.: Drilling Underway at Homestake Ridge 2:16 PM ET, July 27, 2009: Bravo plans an aggressive +$5.0 million drilling program consisting of approximately 8,500 metres in up to 40 drill holes. Bravo anticipates an approximate 70-day field season, which should conclude in October. ...). well, that's nothing special, gold explorer have to drill 4 gold ... and the stock didn't do much on July 28, 2009 either ... but who knows?

folks, a picture tells more than 1,000 words! hell, now we know who we really are

homo sapiens (source:

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    jaro's Avatar

    herd instinct?

    our poor homo sapiens financialis is most likely a gregarious animal, he likes to do the same things all other homo sapiens' do at moment ... to buy (expensive) when all others are buying, to sell (cheap) when all others are selling ...

    this friday, it was such a mess ... the stocks + commodities fell sharply as the fear in the markets was sooooo significant ... just the USD and government bonds rose a lot ... well, the investing/trading folks out there do prolly believe that that funny notes of prolly already bankrupt western governments are the ultimate assets/securities ... well, let them believe that bullsh*t ... they'll learn it the hard way, i think :-)
    Posted 08-16-2009 at 02:42 PM by jaro jaro is offline [Show Appreciation] What's This?
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    jaro's Avatar
    yesterday rose the gold/silver miners' stocks by 5-15%, today they fell approx. the same rate back => is that in some way or an other rational? is it just fear + greed on the wall street and of course on the main street also as the volume is quite high so there must be many sellers out there ?

    IMO is a 10% move a day without any significant reason much, much more than appropriate, isn't it? well, the gold price fell from $1,045 to $1,040 today, you would say? hmmmmm, my broker's platform shows currently that it is a loss of tiny 0.47%. do the folks think the gold/silver mining companies will make no profit out of gold at $1,040? i hope that mr. market is completely wrong this time again
    Posted 10-30-2009 at 02:46 PM by jaro jaro is offline [Show Appreciation] What's This?
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    jaro's Avatar
    soooo stupid folks out there!

    dollar up and everything else down again (common stocks, gold, silver, commodities (there was a moment when ALL commodities on my favorite quotes-website were down => red ink orgy!). the most hasty asset class 2day? gold/silver stocks again! many double digits declines out there ...

    well, a little bit later the mood changed and all the brain-dead folks run in the opposite direction again ... ... the homo sapiens financialis is sooooo stupid (as a group!)

    foks, you know what is the advantage of blogs like this one? we can easily see, that days like 2day happen on the markets quite often (just see the earlier comments), so let adjust to that and let's try to take advantage from this overreactions
    Posted 11-27-2009 at 01:07 PM by jaro jaro is offline [Show Appreciation] What's This?
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    jaro's Avatar
    picture () uploaded ,

    now we see who we are, is it? LOL.
    Posted 12-28-2009 at 08:47 AM by jaro jaro is offline [Show Appreciation] What's This?