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Obama was making some sort of claim on Tuesday(I think) that there was agreement in the works. Turned out to be disregarded today by Baehner.
I came home to find this as one of the headline stories-
Pressure mounts for debt deal, talk of progress | Reuters

It looks like there is a deal being worked on and you heard right. The denial by Boehnor must of meant they hit an impasse for a bit.
I said in my post last night that it is too quiet for them not to be working on something.

'Something' is-
How can we raise taxes, but not make it look like we raised taxes so the repubs don't look like they lost.
How can we give tax breaks to rich people but not make it look like tax breaks so the dems don't look like they lost.

Here's how they'll do it-
Tax increases will be delayed and reviewed or something.
Tax cuts for businesses will come with ending and closing some deductions and loopholes or something.

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