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Originally Posted by matt230 View Post
as far as im concerned and my opinion is that pivots are useless. Of course price is going to stall every 25 or so pips because price doesnt move in a straight line. I could put 10 random lines on my chart about 25 pips away from each other and price would probably hit them and run into some problems everytime. You may as well just use previous support and resistance lines as they arent as subjective as everyones different pivot calculations. If you cant calculate your pivots right they are the most useless thing on earth. At least everyones candles are in about the same area
topicstarter of the Resistance and Support lines

I couldn't agree more with you. Pivot are not only quite useless, the average efficiency on pivot trades is already 1 reason not to touch/read/do anything with Pivots again.
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