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TOS Configuration Backup & Restore

Configuration Backup & Restore
To restore your quote list and all chart settings, please use the following steps:
  1. Close the software then relaunch it
  2. Click the CONFIGURE button located in the bottom left hand corner of the login screen
  3. Click on the tab titled BACKUP & RESTORE
  4. Select the latest version in the list of previous versions
  5. Select RESTORE SELECTED and click save
  6. Finally on the confirmation screen click OK
It is very important to save STYLE's. You can get your screen set up back in a few seconds by loading a saved Style. You just need to make sure to re-save a style if you added or deleted studies from the chart. Even if you haven't changed the studies added to the chart, but you have newer versions of a study, re-save the style.
If I didn't have saved STYLE's, I'd be spending hours trying to re-create my set up. And if I made recent changes, or had some experimental setup that I had forgotten about, it would probably be lost forever. You can also save entire grid set up's, but I like to save a Style for each screen. When you save a style, just give it a name, and check the box to include the study set.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact support by email or by phone 1-866-839-1100

Studies and Strategies Backup & Restore
Now, while we are on the subject of restore, let's address another issue that has been an off-and-on problem for quite a while - - losing some or all of your custom chart studies - properly referred to as "User Defined" studies.

Use the EXPORT button at the lower left of the Edit Studies and Strategies window to save ALL your user defined studies to a folder on your hard drive or a flash drive. You can then IMPORT all your studies whenever there is a problem with any of them disappearing.
Highlight all the studies and click the appropriate button to move them either direction in one mass move. Or, highlight just the ones of interest to move them.

This is one of those 'everyone seems to know this except me' things nobody ever told you. Now you've been told. No excuses valid now for losing your user defined studies and not being able to replace/restore instantly.

Transferring TOS Configuration To Another Computer
You can take your flash drive with a copy of the configuration file (either layout_preferences.ini for build 1678 and earlier or the eventual new version such as workspace.xxxxx.yyyy.xxxx.xml file for our next venture into future builds) and copy that file (or files in the future) to any other computer on which you have TOS installed and instantly 'inherit' a clone of the original configuration.

You likely will see a very cluttered screen if you have migrated from a multiple monitor setup to a single monitor setup, but the windows on the clone version will adjust size and monitor of display such that they all will be retrievable on the clone setup. Similarly, you can also load your backup of your studies and strategies onto the other computer.


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