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Trading Journal Template

Here is my Daily Trading Journal Template (geared toward directional trading with swing time horizon).
Any enhancements/comments/suggestions are welcome.

Daily Trading Journal Template
(implemented as a combination of a journal and a spreadsheet to assist statistical calculations)

I. Overview (mainly done before the trading day)

1. Market conditions
a. General market overview
b. Events/news releases
c. General state of the instruments I intend to trade

2. Plan for the day
a. General
b. Possible setups to watch

II. Trades (all open, opened/closed today trades – not all points apply to each)

1. Entry
a. Reason (including stop/target reasons)
b. Time
c. Price
d. Long/short
e. Position size
f. Stop
g. Target

2. Exit
a. Reason
b. Time
c. Price

3. Money/risk management
a. Initial risk/reward in points
b. Risk/reward ratio
c. Risk % of account
d. Resulting total % account risk (all open trades)

4. Chart

5. Strategy utilized

6. Condition during the trade
a. General status
b. Is initial setup still valid?
c. Position management (if any)
d. Floating P&L

7. P&L
a. Net on the trade
b. % of account
c. Total per month (net and %)

8. Holding time

9. Accuracy statistics

III. Review

1. Day’s weaknesses
a. General
b. Errors 1,2 and 3
c. Why?
d. Solution

2. Day’s strength
a. General
b. How to leverage strength?

3. Other thoughts

(I addition, there are Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly review, which among other things includes statistics such as: P&L, accuracy, actual risk/reward ratio etc.)
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