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Hi Arianne,

Glad to hear from you.

The spread on the micro lot works exactly the same way as on the standard and mini platform but, as the contract size is 1/100th of the standard contract and 1/10th the size of the mini contract the dollar cost of the spread is also 1/100th of the standard account and 1/10th of the mini account.

So for example if the spread on the EUR/USD is 2 pips for example then this would be 20 cents on the micro account, $2 on the mini account, or $20 on the standard account.

FXCM is a very liquid company with over $78 Million in liquid assets listed on the last CFTC Financials Report. In addition to this, the company does not rely on the debt markets to finance their operations. With these two facts in mind, in my opinion FXCM is a safe company to have money with in the current environment.

Hope that helps. If there are any other questions or comments please feel free to post as always.

Best Regards,
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